FISCAL RESIDENTS it’s time to file your annual tax return

Who pays income tax in spain? Even if you don’t live in Spain for the whole year, you could still be considered a resident for tax purposes. Anyone who meets one of the following requirements must pay income taxes as a resident of spain:
  • You spend more than 183 days per calendar year in Spain. Sporadic absences are considered days  of presence in Spain unless you can  prove your tax residence status in another country or territory.
  • You have business or economic interests directly or indirectly located within Spanish territory
  • You have a spouse or dependent children who are Spanish tax  residents.

We calculate and submit your income tax return so that you can still enjoy yourselves wherever you are and above all without leaving  home. Our tax advisors will obtain the best result for the payment of your taxes.


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    Deadline: June 30, 2023, for the presentation of the Annual Tax Return 2022

    Fiscal calendar for income tax return 2022:
    April 11th: Online filing of returns begins.
    June 25th: As the last term to file statements with direct debit.
    June 30th: Last day to file the 2022 income tax return.

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